Cubase Pro and Black Friday 2019

Hello friends! I’m a newbie to the forum. Black Friday 2019 starts in a month. Will there be discounts on Cubase Pro? I am using the trial version of this product. But I want to take advantage of some sales offers. Best regards, Ronald.

No, not likely. Because around that time of the year there’s usually a new Cubase version out, and they don’t use to discount a brand new version. Cubase sales use to be in late summer, so there’s a long wait for that…

I noticed though that the new Wavelab version is sold with an introduction price 20% off, so maybe there’s a new price policy?
Anyway you should wait until the soon expected Cubase version 10.5 is released.

There may be some other Steinberg products discounted for Black Friday though that you might be interested in, but if you look at history no Cubase discount at BF is expected (unless they start with introduction prices for new Cubase versions too, or if it’s delayed).

So you don’t thing Wavelab Pro 10 will drop any either? Right now, since I have Elements, the upgrade would be $303.00 USD.

Wavelab 10 is already dropped 20% as introduction price until Dec 31. Then it will go UP to ordinary price $380 USD for that upgrade.
No further BF sale is expected this year, since it’s a new version.

Cool, thanks for that.

The answer to the OP is no!

Absolute 4 black friday


50% off Absolute4!

But no discounts on Cubase itself, it seems.

I don’t think they offer discounts on Black Friday.

I believe I am a bit late over here.
Were any discounts offered?