Cubase Pro - Brickwall Limiter - no presets

Hi, can someone confirm (Windows 10 Pro, Cubase 9 Pro new full installation):

  1. Open empty project
  2. create audio track (mono or stereo)
  3. insert Brickwall Limiter from the Dynamics plugins
  4. check for the presets > Empty

Ok, just read in German forum by a reply that even in 8.5 there was no set of presets. So perhaps it’s not making any sense to provide presets for this thing? :wink:

I mean, it’s a limiter…

The Steinberg Brickwall Limiter was designed for a very specific purpose, which is transparent reduction of short peaks. Presets would be useless since it’s so easy to set it up for this purpose.

Yes, understood and accepted :slight_smile: