Cubase Pro/Dorico discount?

I purchased Cubase Pro 9 and use it for notation purposes at times. I’m wondering if Steinberg has any plans to offer a Dorico discount/crossgrade for Cubase Pro owners?

I’m afraid we have no current plans for this, but it’s certainly possible in the future.

If you look the path, that Nuendo took. From ancient on nuendo + NEK.
The forthcoming Nuendo 8 does not offer NEK any more. It became integrated. Also some VST were standalone and became member of a collection.
If there are not so many new inventions in one software it’s possible to bundle or integrate some different programs.
Look the trend between cubase and wavelab, which work together since WL9 I think.
At some time it would be possible to do like nuendo + NEK.

That’s my opinion as I watch the SW-market for many of years.