Cubase Pro Hangs on Quit (MacOS Mojave)

Hi All,

I’m running Cubase Pro 10 on a Late 2015 MacBook Pro 15" (the last generation of MacBook Pro before the current all Thunderbolt 3 versions). I realize I’m running Cubase on a currently unsupported OS (MacOS Mojave). But I had to upgrade to the latest OS for the necessary firmware updates when I recently installed a new 2TB drive in the MacBook.

Regardless, Cubase 10 hangs every time I quit the application even when no song / plugins have been loaded. I have to then force quit the application. Incidentally, I don’t have this problem with Cubase 9.5, Logic Pro X, or Studio One 4.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this hanging on quit issue with Cubase Pro 10.

FYI, My audio interface is a MOTU 16A connected via Thunderbolt 2. For MIDI, I have two MOTU MIDI Express 128s.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Regardless, Cubase 10 hangs every time I quit the application even when no song / plugins have been loaded. I have to then force quit the application.

I experience this also even with totally empty Projects, although not everytime i quit C10.
The majority of the times i quit C10, it quits without Hang.
But sometimes when quitting: the rotating Beachball appears and C10 hangs.
Been experiencing this “hang on quit” issue may times with previous versions of Cubase also, seems it is still an issue :imp:

Next time it happens, i will have a look a the OSX Console utility application during the hang, to see if i notice some message related to the hang.

My other DAW’s like Reaper, Logic Pro and Ableton Live don’t have a “hang on quit” issue at all.

OSX 10.14.1
Macbook Retina mid 2015
UA Apollo Twin (TB version)

Same here, but even just when closing a project.

Thanks for chiming in.
I see in your signature that you are on OSX High Sierra.
I therefore assume the issue is not related to OSX Mojave.

Warm Regards.

I’ve been suffering from this since around 9.5 I think. Occasionally a session will close normally, but generally I get the beachball for 20 secs or so. Rarely any crashes though.

I have this issue as well with Cubase 10, on macOS Mojave. It happens every time, Cubase is never able to quit on its own and I have to force quit. Very annoying. Also, Cubase seems unable to connect to the Hub for some reason.

Thought I was alone, was going to post this issue . . . C10 boots up fine, great fun, great sound, but when it comes to quit the program, it just does not want to go away :slight_smile:

You are not alone.
Two such very longtime standing issues in Cubase that keep coming back for me (on mac that is):

  • Hang on Quit
  • Failed connection to Hub.

I wonder when oh when Steini irons these 2 out for once and for all.

i have this issue too on high sierra with 9.5…but only on one of my computers… and on the one that refuses to close cubase the hub won’t connect either. i tried turning hub off in preferences but that hasn’t helped…

Ditto for me.
I have to force quit Cubase every time.
I’ve had this problem since Cubase 9.5, and persisting in Cubase 10. It is the same on Mojave as it was on High Sierra.

This is abit offtopic but, in general, speaking as a mac user with longstanding use of Cubase, i would strongely advise to completely remove any previous Cubase version you have on your system when installing Cubase 10.(or any higher version than you currently use for that matter).
And i mean literally find every file on your system related to “steinberg” and “cubase” and trash all of these.
(ofcourse, backup your keycommands file etc first,if you want)

In my years of experience in upgrading to a newer Cubase version:
Among many other issues in Cubase, hang on quit and hub connection issue seem to be solved when doing a complete clean install of Cubase.

I am on OSX Mojave 10.14.6beta1, trashed all files related to Cubase 9, then did a clean install of Cubase 10 Pro and for me, no more hangs on quit and no Hub connection issue.

Just my 2 cents !

Yeah well, I have exactly the same annoying problem; I have to force quit Cubase EVERY GODDAMN TIME I attempt to close the program. I extensively use Kontakt 6 and suspect that it might have something to do with that, as it only hangs on quit occasionally when no instance of Kontakt is loaded. However, this is an old issue and just as vanhaze3000 said, one might wonder when Steinberg finally decides to do something about it.
Oh, and I wiped my system completely and made a clean install of Mojave and Cubase 10 a few months ago, so no old files laying around here.

Also happens sometimes on Sierra too, but my suspicion is that it is not a Cubase bug but a 3rd party plugin problem

this needs work!

Same problem on a new 2019 iMac 27’ running Cubase Pro 10.0.60 and if I want to take a chance on it getting fixed, I’ll have to pay for the upgrade to 10.5. No, just no!
I’ll soon reach the point where I’ve had it with Steinberg after 22 years, which is sad because Cubase really is a great DAW. But there are just too many issues in 10 that will never be resolved and I don’t care if HZ or the king’s cousin uses Cubase - it’s still FAR from stable which makes it a poor professional choice by today’s standards IMO.
Sorry for the rant, it’s just that I’m sick of it.

Cubase 11 Pro (11.0.10). Kontakt 6.5.2 R113 (I upgraded from Kontakt 5 mistakenly thinking it would solve this problem). iMac Pro. Mojave 10.14.6. Hangs every time on quit. Force Quit sometimes works, sometimes not. When it doesn’t, I have to switch off the machine at the power. Please Steinberg, give this issue a little love. I’m losing hours to this since I switch between DAW’s often depending on the customer.

For what it’s worth, I just assigned an audio input to the project (didn’t need one but thought it might help as it showed ‘not connected’). I was then able to save and quit.

Same for me, both on MacOS and Windows. Have to force quit Cubase in 80% of the time.