Cubase PRO lifetime updates for free

All Cubase Pro owners, We deserve a Better update Price!
Why FL Studio, and Pro tools owner can have a lifetime free update and we don’t??
al least a better update Price, instead to Pay hundreds to Buy the DAW and later you’re force to Pay every year to update the DAW because of the version is not supported anymore, DO YOU AGREE???


for my money the Cubse and Dorico update prices in general seem good value for the money. 99 Euro as an annual maintenance fee are fine for my main audio tools which I use every day. I don’t use FL or Protools but I switched from Sibelius to Dorico as I hate AVIDs way to force customers into subscription modells.
I like what I get from Steinberg for my money and wouldn’t expect to get lifetime updates for free. How should they survive as a company?


If you buy Cubase you own it forever, and are not required to pay to continue using it. Updates are yearly, and the cost for the most recent update to 12 from 11 is about $100, not “hundreds every year”

It is a perpetual license, that is yours forever.

But the Pro Tools website says

Buy it once and own Pro Tools forever. Plus, get access to all new releases, the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, HEAT and Standard support for one year with the included Software Updates + Support Plan, renewable annually.

This is not a lifetime license that includes updates. You get one year of updates, which is also what Steinberg gives to Cubase owners, for a fraction of the price.


As @jazztom and @steve have noted, your request is not realistic. The ongoing development and maintenance is costly and needs to be paid for somehow. There are really only two viable models:

  1. Sell perpetual licences and charge for major upgrades.
  2. Sell subscriptions.

At the moment, Steinberg is firmly on model 1 and, personally, I would not want to see that change. In the fullness of time, Steinberg Licensing might allow them to offer model 2 as an alternative for those that want it.


Pro Tools Ultimate does not give you free lifetime updates. To get software updates, you must pay for a yearly subscription. On the Pro Tools website, they are offering a 50% off price for a yearly subscription for $399. I would not compare Cubase Pro to the regular Pro Tools because it is not a direct comparison. Pro Tools Ultimate and Cubase Pro are the two comparable products, and you can see that the updates for Pro Tools will set you back quite a bit more that the $99 upgrade fee for Cubase. FL Studio does offer free lifetime upgrades, but I don’t think it is comparable to Cubase Pro. You can do some similar things in both programs, but there are a lot of things that Cubase offers that FL Studio does not have.


Logic updates are “free”, as long as you buy a new Mac every 3 years or so… not free.
Bitwig is a “not” a subscription model with updates for a year, it’s twice the price of Cubase every year.
Pro Tools is a subscription model paid annually.
Fruity Loops is free updates for life, but then, of course, you have to use Fruity Loops.
Glenn Fricker is the only one using it that I know of. He likes it.


LOL yeah I got lucky I bought my Mac mini in 2020 or my Mac Pro would’ve been left behind with both Logic and MacOS by now. A lot of people praise the ‘free updates’ Apple puts out but yeah every couple of years they start squeezing more models out. Eventually if they ever release 11 everyone will have to pay their $200 again, but trust me thats a hell of a lot cheaper than upgrading when Emagic was doing the work. Paid like $800 for Logic Platinum when I moved from VST32 back around 2001 or so? And another $300 something I think for the upgrade to 5, and even after Apple killed PC support, the upgrade to 6 was around the same price and I believe even Logic 7 was too. It didn’t get to its nice ‘everybody’ pricing until some point AFTER Logic 9 came out.

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you’re right at 50%, AVID, and Image Line “survive” with a lifetime license, my point is: as Mac user you can’t update the OS with freedom at least you dare ruuning out Cubase for a while, then, they Bring the update but only for the latest versión of the DAW, if you were using Cubase 10 pro now you’re dead, but it’s ok I do agree to Pay for the update, but i mean: hundreds of my money is not enough to keep using my DAW even though I update my OS??

I meant (hundreds) when you Buy the DAW and later if you update Your OS You can’t use it anymore

Pro Tools also offers the lifetime license too
Logic is cheaper and is one of the best rated DAW’s on Market with a lifetime license

I think cubase sweetens the deal by throwing in bonuses like Verve piano which makes it a little easier to pay for an upgrade.

Steinberg grants a lifetime licenses as well… you can use the same main version for the rest of your life, exactly the same on Logic and PT.

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I agree with the general sentiment here: yes, it’s a tad galling having to pay for upgrades that you find have done away with useful features like scoring so you then have to invest in Dorico. However, there’s little doubt that the product is constantly improving with each version and that costs time and money to make happen.

I’m strictly amateur so affording all these improvements isn’t easy but neither is it essential as earlier versions remain highly capable for my level of music making.

Logic is probably the best deal you’ll ever get on any DAW by a wide margin. It’s also Apple’s product. It’s good for them to have it for marketing reasons so one can guess they’re prepared to offer it at a loss to drive hardware sales.

Cubase is one of the most well rounded DAWs in the market but not the cheapest. When you buy almost any piece of professional software you need to take maintenance into account and there’s plenty of competent DAWs available at all price points.


Right but then you will never be able to update your OS

You’re right, What about a Grace time period of disccount for PRO owners?
I’d never say I’m not wiiling to Pay for update
I do it every year

Cubase FAQ says you can upgrade operating system without losing access to C12 Pro

Because is the latest version
Cubase 10 Pro owners are doomed now

sorry, but it’s a senseless discussion…


Logic offers a lifetime license? Wherever you got this information from is completely wrong. As soon as Logic 11 comes out, we’ll all pay another $200 again. Your ‘lifetime’ license applies to the version you buy, just the same as it does with whatever version of Cubase you bought.

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