Cubase Pro or Artist


Bit of advice, I’m moving to Cubase after years of being a Sonar user. I just have a home studio and work some Singer/songwriters etc producing finished tracks for them. I’m trying to decide if I can live with the Artist version rather than the significantly more expensive Pro version.

The differences don’t appear that huge primarily some extra VST’s but also VariAudio 3.

I do a bit of work with inexperienced vocalists and the VariAudio features sound great, however I don’t know if its great enough to justify the price. Is VariAudio a full on package or is it simply a re-packaging of existing capabilities in Cubase into a more user friendly skin.

Have to say the Demo version of Cubase is great and is a big step up from Sonar.


I am using Artist version and find so many limitations…
Especially when you follow a Youtube video presenting some aspects of adapting and mixing, you start to repro the demoed thing with your Artist version and don’t find the feature, so you go again to the online page enumerating differences between versions and one more time you see that all the nice features to help in your work are in Pro.
And the upgrade is very expensive, actually 250€ …
Remember this movie, The Artist ? There is no sound …

To me ,the biggest reason to use Pro was VST track amount. Pro has other benefits as well. I suggest getting Pro if it’s not that much about money.
It’ll be worth it. Pro also has the great Frequency EQ that artist version lacks. It is very good.

I’d go for pro. And I did.

If you can afford it, go with the Pro Version. It offers much more flexibility in terms of routing and you get a good deal more in terms of content.

That said, Artist seems like a great program. If that’s what you can afford, go with that, use it for a while and then upgrade to the Pro Version in the future. You’ll pay a little less for a cross grade and it will give you time to work with Cubase. Good luck.

I would say Pro as well.

I am not sure why SB has so many versions. You would think it would slow down development.

Thanks all. think Ill spring for the pro version, just make sure I hide the credit card bill from my wife.