Cubase Pro’s own plugins : how to see only those?


New around here, jumped back aboard Cubase after quite a few years, so far loving it :sunglasses:

It is the most stable DAW now on our MacPro (better than Reaper, which is very stable, Logic or PT 2018(most buggy), tad better than Ableton as well)

We have a lot of plugins at the studio (Waves, Soundtoys, PSP, DMG,Softube,Brainworx & PA, Eventide etc…) and I have a hard time finding Cubase’s own plugins, or better said finding a way to singling them out?

Furthermore, Cubase created its own directory of categories, is it possible to reorder/rename/reorganize those folders?




Go to Studio in the menu and click Plugin Manager. You can create your own plugin lists, reorganize everything in folders etc.

Sort the list to the left by manufacturer, then it’s easy to pick all Steinberg plugins and put them into their own folder to the right if you like.

The automatic directory of categories comes with VST3 I think. There’s some info included about what type a plugin is (EQ, Dynamics, Reverb etc.). Very convenient but via plugin manager it’s possible to tailor everything to your liking.

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Also it lets you put the same plug-in into more than one folder. For example a Steinberg folder, a Compressors folder & a Mastering folder all with the same plug-in.

Awesome! Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for



So well explained! Thank you!