Cubase / Pro Tools Template Workflow

I’m coming from ProTools and have a specific template folder structure (including .ptx template). I duplicate the template folder to retain the sub structures of Raw Videos, Raw Audio, Scripts, MIDI, etc to have all the session’s media/info consolidated. Which is very practical in working with other engineers or on different systems.

It appears this isn’t possible with Cubase?

I’ve created my template folder and sub structure but upon renaming the template folder and template .cpr file, I have to relink the audio files from my sampler tracks every time (even when they’re located in the “Audio” folder) BECAUSE they’re still trying to link to the original .cpr’s name… Am I missing something or is Cubase just not designed to function this way?

ProTools .ptx files link to the local folder’s “Audio Files” folder - regardless of folder / .ptx file name changes. Is there a way to modify/replicate this in Cubase?

Steinberg use an absolute approach for the folder structure, it is not like if you open a project file then it looks for subfolder audio and so on, it has to be the full path of the drive like d:\projects\song*.*. it sucks if you move projects around.

I would assume that if you use a samplertrack in your template that sample will always point to that exact location on your disc. even if you copy the file with your template/project cubase will still find the location where the sample is located to begin with. To change it you would have to go into sample track and import the sample again from the new location so Cubase understand that you want to use a “new” sample.

I used PT long time ago and I remember that the template thing was much better there. It is a pain in the ass because you work on your stuff and it is all good, you send it away and you always missing a file because you forget where it is, with PT that would always change everything to your project folder.