Cubase Pro upgrade from Elements and eLicenser

I want to use the current sale on Cubase Pro. I’d like to upgrade my Elements to Pro. I have red somewhere (can’t find it anymore) the upgrade comes without USB eLicenser. That I have to obtain it at the local dealer or order separately it via eshop. But the “Order” button in the eshop says, it includes the USB dongle. What’s the correct information?
And one more thing. During the time I buy the Pro but don’t have the USB eLicencer yet, can I still use Elements?
Thank you, Stepaan


Right, the upgrade doesn’t come with USB-eLicenser, you have to buy it separately (online or by your local store). If the order says the USB-eLicenser is in, you probably did put it to the basket already.

Yes, you can use your Cubase Elements until you activate Cubase Pro (actually you can use it even after because with higher license you can start lower Cubase edition or even version).


I have a similar question on the Sale.
I have Elements and the USB elicenser already.

Upgrade from Elements to Artist is 40% off, so 121£ instead of 190£
And I see that when you buy a Full version of Artist you get a free upgrade to Pro.
Are these 2 promotions can be combined? so i can go from Elements to Pro for 120£?


Hi and welcome,

No, these 2 promotions are not combined. As it is written you get Cubase Pro only if you buy full version of Cubase Artist, this doesn’t apply for updates/upgrades.


I’m looking to update to pro from an elements E-license as well :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t seem to find this as an option anywhere on the updates & upgrades page though.
In fact, elements is not even listed in any of the “update from” categories.

Is it therefor not possible to upgrade from elements to pro without first upgrading to Artists? :frowning:



Yes it is. Click upgrade Pro, then at the top of page change from upgrade Artist to upgrade Elements.

Just go to the actual Steinberg shop, not the promotion page in your link.