cubase problem / Maschine Midi NOTE


First of all sorry for my English, I translate with Google Translate because I am French.

Let me explain, I have a problem with the midi notes played with Maschine.

When maschine plays them it’s ok but when cubase plays them it’s chopped.

Do you have a solution to my problem?

I am putting the link of a video so that you can better visualize the problem.

thank you

Hi and welcome,

Could you add a screenshot from the Key Editor? Isn’t the MIDI data just quantised like this?

Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?


I made a screenshot of what you want.

I am good on a Triplet notes basis but Cubase does not play them like maschine. There is a kind of shuffle. I don’t know if I understand what I am explaining.

I passed the buffer of my card to 1024 and the percistory problem. :frowning:


Could you please make exactly the same sequence in Cubase, the same you have in Machine, please. Just to make sure thou source is equal, so the result should be equal.


I just put the VST plugin (Massive) apart from Maschine and it works better.

The problem therefore comes from the communication between Maschine MK3 and the MIDI notes from cubase.

But I can’t find the solution.


Is there any arpeggio in Maschine or the VSTi, you are using? If yes, is it in sync with Cubase?


there is indeed an arpeggio in Maschine. how to synchronize it with Cubase? where is it in Cubase?

Thank you


The synchronisation is on the plug-in side. Sorry, I don’t know Maschine and I don’t know which plug-in do you host in it.