Cubase Profiles?

Is it possible to setup cubase profiles in LE 5 or later?

I have 2 different sound devices, and want to launch cubase with the choice of one or the other WITHOUT having to manually load the device and templates. Maybe a front end script or something?

I have a bunch of VST’s. they take a lot of load time. Is it possible to create a load/register profile?

Mastering: if I am mastering, I don’t have a need for distortion pedal/chorus/flanger/delay/etc etc. I don’t want to waste time loading them at start up. Therefore, i want to reduce my launch time by creating a VST profile which only includes the stuff I use to master with rather than to record with.

Is there a configuration file I can make multiples of and choose which one I want to use for the project?

Do other software/versions allow for VST set loads?