Cubase program disappears from pc after update to 8.5.15

I just downloaded and ran the update 8.5.15 on my system, and after being prompted, restarted the computer. After logging back in, I discover that my desktop icon for Cubase 8.5 has been removed, and there are no longer any entrys for Cubase or Steinberg in my applications list. Anybody else seen this, and no of a solution? I dread the thought of a re-install.



I’ve seen this once - running the 8.5.15 again after the reboot worked fine, no need of further actions.

This just happened to me! What gives??

Fortunately I have a restore point from yesterday that I’m going to go to, i would’ve been F’d otherwise!

Any fix for this? What has everyone else done?

Wow! The restore point didn’t work. I got a message saying it was not successful and had to reREstore to the current point. Cited Cubase 8.5 as the problem too. Which is ironic, because as I said there’s no trace of it on my computer.

Man… looks like a fresh reinstall. UGH!