Cubase project doesn't open

Hi everyone
I’m on Cubase 11 Pro and just ran into an issue where Cubase doesn’t open one of my projects.
the original file is there, the bak files are there as well.

I browse through the OPEN PROJECT command when opening the initial Cubase windows by itself. I browse to the project folder and click the project file, it doesn’t open, what happens is; that the same browsing window gets refreshed and now all the folders I made in there are visible but the project file and bak files are gone now.
I browsed through the RECENT PROJECTS window, found it, and selected it but I got a pop-up message saying The Project Doesn’t Exist and I’m left speechless staring at the screen with wtf impression on my face.

Can anyone help me out please, has anyone encountered the same issue in the past?

Thank you guys :pray: :pray: :pray:

It sounds like the project folder was moved or deleted. You should search for it in Windows Explorer or the Finder.

Please say what OS you’re on, so people can give informed advice.

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I’m on windows 10
I deleted some folders from my desktop that I used for testing purposes, how can they be the project folder while I have it created and saved in other folders?

Is there a way to recover those to find out?

These things happen on the OS level. Cubase only reads what’s there, and keeps a list of recent projects.

It is like any other file and folder operation on Windows. If you emptied the trash, there really is no reliable way to retrieve.

Hopefully you keep a regular backups, and can restore from there. If you don’t, and can’t find your project on your system, consider it an educational moment and start backing up. Like it’s your religion.

I’m seeing diff methods for backing up projects.
Please let me know what you yourself have learned too or where you back up your projects.

Do you use dropbox or an internal hard drive for the back is enough?