Cubase project has (Conflict) at the end of the filename

Hope someone can help and it’s not just me being thick -

I’m working on a project and came back to it today, I have two versions of it by the looks of it, “project 28.cpr” and “project 28(Conflict).cpr”

Does this indicate an error of some kind has occurred, or have I renamed it myself to highlight the fact that it goes in a darker musical direction than the original version???

Thanks in advance :wink:

I think it’s the way that windows signals that a file is being saved that is already open in another application…so possibly due to re-opening and saving after an incorrect shutdown of Cubase…just guessing really.

Just take care not to delete one only to find the other is corrupted or an earlier save and you lose work.

Thanks! - would that be the same case on Mac? I realised my system wasn’t in my signature so I’ve updated it