Cubase project icons missing

Hi all,

I hope you are all staying safe in light of what is happening across the globe!!!

I have a self inflicted problem I was looking for some help with!!! Last week I stupidly down loaded, then installed, the Cubase 10 update that was made available!! I might have been going stir crazy but It was really stupid of me because I’m running Cubase Pro 10.5!!!

Once I realised my mistake I uninstalled Steinberg Cubase 10 from my computer but now there is an issue with my files which I will hopefully explain!!!

When I create a new project I always save the project folder to my desk top so that I can easily access it. Obviously, within the project folder on the desk top there are all the audio files I create ( cpr & bak files and 1 Cubase project file) and there was, PRIOR to my stupid update mistake, a icon for the Cubase project file which was easily identifiable among all the other files! I think it might have been the Cubase logo, but I am not totally sure!!

After I uninstalled Cubase 10 the Cubase project icon has vanished and all there is now is blank file icons for cpr, bak and project file, so I have to scroll through these files to identify the correct one to open, which is a pain in the rear!!

Has anyone else encountered this, have I checked something that I shouldn’t or is this because I DL’d, installed then uninstalled the wrong Cubase programme (10.00 update)??

Is anyone able to offer a solution please??

Thanks all and STAY SAFE!!!

Jim B


I’m not Windows expert, but I would say something went wrong when you uninstall Cubase 10. So I would recommend to install Cubase 10.5 from the full installer. Hopefully this would help.

Thanks Martin,

Hope you are staying safe!!

Do you think it best to totally uninstall Cubase Pro before reinstalling, or will it overwrite the existing install?


Jim B


The installer would add a missing components/parts. So I think it’s enough to reinstall it. But of course, it’s more safe to uninstall and install again. No worries, you wouldn’t lose your Cubase custom setup.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the advise, it worked perfectly. I did uninstall then reinstall the whole package, but all good now.

Thanks very much for your guidance!!

Stay safe and I’ll see you all on the other side!!!

Jim B