Cubase project showcasing HALion features

Has anyone else ever wished Steinberg would provide a demo Cubase project that would showcase all the new features in HALion?

Good idea!


I think it would be a great learning tool, in the same way that you can look at the techniques used in the Cubase demos. Hear something nice and you can dive in to examine how it was created or processed.

They could at least provide the projects from the demo-songs on the halion-info-page… these already exist, so this should be no problem?

However additional Projects for learning would be cool (VST Expression, Clever Midi-Module Combinations)

In order to get a good feel for the presets, it’s difficult when stepping through thousands of sounds to do more than just lazily press one or two keys, go “meh!” and move on to the next one, probably missing all of the goodness intended by the sound designer. This happened me recently when I set a (good!) performance to a preset I’d tried before, and was amazed at what came out! The performance on the MIDI track was way better than my limited keyboard skills, and by coincidence really showcased that particular preset!

I wonder how many other great sounds I’m overlooking? :laughing: