Cubase projects from Nuendo ?

Hallo all, I hope this is not too trivial a question, or a much repeated one, but I was under the impression we could save N7 projects as Cubase project files but I don’t seem to be able to do it. I have never needed to until now. Was I misinformed, or is it in fact that N7 projects can be opened from Cubase ?

Hi Mike Dunn,

.npr files (Nuendo project files) can be opened with Cubase Pro, but not with Artist nor Elements. Nuendo only saves .npr files but it can also open Cubase project files (.cpr).

Hope this helps.

It. Is my understanding that this will NOT work if the big new VCA facilities are used, due to the fact that VCAs function differently in Nuendo and Cubase.

Thanks Luis, yes, that clarifies it.

Best wishes,


Hey Chris,

That’s worth knowing, cheers, so anything that might need opening in Cubase I should avoid using VCA features. Thanks man !