Cubase projects from the late 90’s

Hello, I have some really old Cubase projects from the late 90’s that were recorded in Cubase 3.5 and 3.6. Probably on Windows 95 or 98, not completely sure. I actually still have the CD-Rom installation discs, believe it or not, but I no longer have a Windows machine and certainly nothing old enough to run this.

Does anyone know what my options are for opening these files (ideally on a Mac) to resurrect them? Thanks in advance.

SX3 can indeed read .ALL and .ARR files. But as you have the cdrom, installing the classic may be easier.
You can install win95/98ME/2000/XP on a virtual machine (on any todays OS) then cubase. The cubase classic uses The CDRom as a protection, but a disk image mounted to the virtual machine is good enough, it used to be able to install with an iso image. You also need a serial number for installation, I remember it was very easy one, just the number of digits mattered iirc.

Installing/running SX3 on modern OS is also not easy. Both win/osx doesn’t allow installing such old software, so you must use a virtual machine (XPSP2 is the best bet). But SX3 is a dongle protected and mounting it on the emulator may not work.