Cubase projects getting "corrupt"

Hi there people…

I wonder what happens when a project gets “corrupt”?

Does it start to take money on the side? LOL 😃

Joking aside:

Just had it happen here now and had to go back several versions of the song to get it working again.

That was NOT fun to say the least.

It does not happen often; maybe once in 6 months but it should NEVER happen IMO

After all it is called Cubase PRO

Sometimes one can almost “see it in advance” when the project get more and more sluggish even though you have not overloaded your cpu.

Other times you record and mix happily just to get “can not save - the project is corrupt” when you try to save.

Clearly there must be some combination of plugins, vsti’s and automation+++ causing this (and don’t look at me with an evil eye, my rig only uses legit plugins and VSTi’s)

Which brings me to my point:

In the next Cubase version I want a warning when you do something that might corrupt the project.

Something like: “you are trying to load a plugin/vsti that we know might cause the project to become unstable do you want to proceed?” or some such

Just lost hours of work and it is really irritating.

Anybody else who has encountered this?

Could this be something that Steiny should look into?

All the best, Kim

I am using Cubase PRO 10,5 latest update.

I run into this issue once in while. In my case (ymmv), I have a hunch NI Maschine is the culprit but I have not been able to verify that with any certainty. Just for the sake of discussion, let’s say my suspicions are correct and Maschine is the issue. Cool, but is the bug in Cubase or is it in Maschine? I dunno.

Anyway, I haven’t seen this issue after migrating away from Maschine back to Groove Agent. It may just be a coincidence though - my sample size isn’t large enough yet to draw any conclusions.

Thank you

For a corrupt session what I do is I create a new project and import tracks from the corrupted project one by one (and save after each one) to pinpoint the problem plugin. Or disable audio engine and if the song opens this way, disable all plugins, activate the audio engine and enable plugins one by one.

What you are describing is as hard as resetting the mix so no :wink:

I just worked for hours and suddenly my project is corrupt. As you said: This is not supposed to happen in a DAW.

The workaround (importing tracks from the project) also doesn’t work, because when Cubase is reading the file, it is crashing.

This and the general instability of Cubase makes me want to emigrate to another DAW, if I wouldn’t have huge templates almost impossible to transfer on Cubase. And, of course, not knowing if other DAWs are more stable.