Cubase quantize

quantize ends does absolutely nothing. Funny how I’ve been working with midi for over 15 years & all of a sudden it’s like nothing works the way it’s supposed to anymore. Last I checked, you select a note, set your quantize division, check for quantize ends & effing voila, it worked. Nope, not with this. What is the magic trick? It’s no problem in Ableton.

Works here.

OSX Monterey

Screenshot 2022-03-03 161819
After quantizing note ends and applying legato note seems little off
My OCD is killing me someone please help!

  1. What is your quantize value set to? Are you doing a percentage as well?

  2. You mentioned NOTHING about applying legato in your OP? Maybe that is the issue?

  3. I see what you are saying there on the ends of the event

Or, try the Legato command.
select your midi notes, right click, functions, legato

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