Cubase quick control transpose with Groove Agent


I am trying to use my Akai mpk mini to select which groove agent pad is playing via the quick control function. I have mapped my mpk mini to the transpose quick control and have loaded kick drums to every pad of groove agent…Everything is working as you would expect, however I am only able to select every other pad.
The video I have linked below demonstrates the problem. I am using Cubase 8.5, does this problem still exist in the latest version? I am using the transpose function via the insert effect because it transposes the note before it is recorded. If I can get it to work I’d like to use my beatstep pro to trigger groove agent and select samples without touching the mouse.

Here’s another showing what logic can do using the beatstep.

If someone could let me know if there’s a work around or another way of accomplishing this it would great.