Cubase Quickeys and Keyboard Maestro questions

Are you willing to upload the Macros you use in Keyboard Maestro? I am slowly making the transition with all my QuicKeys macros to Keyboard Maestro since QK hasn’t been in development for way too long and freezes constantly.

I am stuck on the focus mixer window you first posted and how to do that in Keyboard Maestro. For me I can’t have KM and QK open at the same time for very long before they start conflicting with each other.

Okay, if you ever do get around to it there might be a gem in there somewhere, so I would still be interested in looking.

quote=“SteveInChicago”] Also, in Cubase 8 the mixer no longer has always-on-top, which means I would have to edit the macros to accommodate. [/quote]

Strange I don’t see how that changes anything. For me it is not working because it can’t see the MixConsole in Cubase 8.0.10 and OS 10.10.3. The way you wrote it is if it sees the window exist then it will close and then open the MixConsole if it doesn’t see the window it will open it. Not sure how the always-on-top changes it.

For me it is not even key commands I can open up an alias and with both of them open on Yosemite they freak out and try to open the link multiple times or get stuck in a loop even when it is two different key strokes. I can close one or the other and all is well.
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I do not understand what you are saying.

Meaning I don’t have conflicting key commands between Keyboard Maestro and QuicKeys with them both open. If I open an alias that simply opens a file with both QuicKeys and Keyboard Maestro open it will keep trying to open that file over and over again. I can have only QuicKeys open and click on the same alias and it opens the file once, I can close and have the same results with only Keyboard Maestro open. In other words they just both can’t be open at the same time, no conflicting key commands that are the same between both applications.

What do you mean by alias?

If both macro apps are trying to do the same thing it’s only because you have triggered them both to do so.

Sorry, it’s an OS alias that is not related to either application, just a plain jane OS alias. In Yosemite select a file and press command+L earlier OS versions use command+option+l (Yosemite made that downloads). Command+option drag a file will do the same thing.

Neither QuicKeys or Keyboard Maestro should even care but they fight. I have the alias in my tool bar so there is some sort of background voodoo they are doing that conflicts, that is only one example though of conflicts that happen for me when they are both open in Yosemite.

Well, I’d be happy to help, but you have to tell me more precisely what you’re doing first.

Thanks Steve, I’ll see what I can work out with the conflict but my goal if possible is to abandon QuicKeys entirely do to it freezing so much (more so with KM open). Main thing I want to figure out is how to have Keyboard Maestro detect if the MixConsole isn’t opened then open it.
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Your just going to have to debug… But I can say this-

The only thing that is special in my KM macros is that they send midi to Cubase.

The only thing QK is needed for is to see palettes and Always-on-Top windows, because KM cannot see those. (also, if QK is giving you trouble check out the Startly forum. QK is pretty amazing in that it continues to work even though development stopped years ago.)

If KM cannot see a window that is open in Cubase, the window is probably not visible to KM. I no longer use this in my current setup, so that’s about all the help I can be.

Sounds good Steve, thanks for all the help, I’ll see what I can work out.

Okay just worked out how to always pull the MixConsole into focus regardless of if it is behind a window or closed.
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