Cubase Quit while loading Halion

Had a crash today log attached. while double clicking inside HALion’s Mediabay window , to load a preset

Cubase and HALion both upto date
Cubase 12-2023-09-11-173957.ips (180.1 KB)


The crash is in HALion 7, therefore I move the post to the propriet forum section.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Ok thank you , I’ll also report a bug .


Why do you want to make a duplicate of the already reported issue? Isn’t it waisting time, if the guys in Steinberg have to deal with the same issue twice?

Okay, I won’t, I thought reporting a bug directly to Steinberg was different to reporting here on the forum

Thx Andy


The report here on the forum doesn’t come to Steinberg directly. This is a user forum, so only other users can read the report, which doesn’t lead to bug fixing obviously.

thanks what I thought , I have some other HALion crash log report as a bug direct I will add this to that repot then