Cubase quits the moment I click on Spectralayers on Mac

M1 MBP. MacOS 14.3.1. Latest CB 13 pro as of today.

I start a new project. import one stereo .wav file (24bit, 48khz). Highlight it, click on Audio/Extensions/Spectralayers…and CB quits. This is every single time with any file.

Luckily I also have Spectralayers Elements 9, which works fine, so I can bypass CB, but it seems I might as well delete Cb as I can’t really use it for much.

Cubase 13-2024-03-03-154009.ips (155.2 KB)


The crash is in SpectraLayers. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Only seems to be within CB though.
SL seems fine when run as stand alone.


As far as I can see, you are using SpectraLayers 10.0.30. Please, install the latest update 10.0.50. Do you use SpextraLayers 10 Elements or Pro, please?

If it’s still crashing, attacht the new *.ips file, please.

It’s not getting as far as even opening SL. As soon as i click on the extension for it CB is closing.
This was just using SL 1 inside CB. I will update it and see what happens.
This worked ok outside of CB. I do have Elements 8 (thought it was 9), but didn’t need to use that as i just wanted to get the vocals off a track.


Do I understand it correcrt, you are using Cubase Elements 8 and SpectraLayers 1?

Cubase 13 Pro and i have SL elements 8 but did not use it. I was just trying to use the free version inside CB.


Part of Cubase 13, there is SpectraLayers 10.0. You have 10.0.30 installed. Could you try the latest 10.0.50, which is available in the Steinberg Download Assistant, please?

Ok, I’ll try it this evening.
I did reinstall CB and updated everything after this started to happen, so i think i am on the latest and it’s still doing it.
I’ll post back later though.