Cubase Reactivation - Blank activation code in e-mail!

Hey there,

My OS bootloader corrupted and I had to therefore reinstall Cubase 9. I reactivated via MySteinberg and pasted in my new Soft-eLicenser code which went through fine. I was sent an activation code e-mail from Steinberg which is meant to have a new activation code but there is no activation code in the e-mail! It says “Please find below the Activation Code(s) you have just requested” and there’s a huge white blank box below it. I’ve tried different browsers to no avail. (See image)

I’m locked out of my work and out of Cubase and I’m very annoyed.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I take it your Cubase is Elements version?

It is, Cubase Elements 9. It doesn’t use a USB eLicenser and uses a software version instead.

Hello inabsentia,

sending you a PM shortly.

Hello there.

I bought, downloaded and registered cubase elements 9 a couple of weeks back, then I had to re-install my mac OS (10.10) I am having exactly the same issue as in absentia is/has had. I too have received an email with a blank activation code. Beginning to get frustrated as I need to use the software asap, and can’t find any way of using cubase elements 9!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Ewan,

I replied to the mail / ticket you sent.

Kind regards,

I have the same issue, but using Wavelab LE 7. The email content is:

Your new activation code(s)

Dear Steinberg customer,

Please find below the Activation Code(s) you have just requested:


Any ideas?
Thank you.