Cubase reads audio signal but does not record it

I have a Alesis guitar recording pack (usb port), I’ve done all the required settings in Cubase and my laptop. I’ve installed the ASIO driver and have selected the proper input and output too. I’ve done the required mono bus stuff too. when I add a new audio track (mono) and press the monitor I can hear what I’m playing but when I press record(yes the recording is enabled), Cubase doesn’t pick-up any signal; however when I record my guitar in Guitar rig; Guitar rig records the audio fine. But Cubase doesn’t record any thing. The track goes just plain, without any audio signal. Whereas, I can clearly see that Cubase is receiving the audio signal. Any Help???

I’m going to guess that you may not be assigning the same guitar input (the one that you have selected in your VST connections) to audio track 1. You’re probably able to ‘monitor’ the incoming signal, but if you don’t have audio track 1 corresponding to your incoming input signal, it won’t record.

I see your audio tracks left panel strip say’s ‘Mono In & Stereo Out’ … but Mono In on what Input channel? Shouldn’t it say something like ‘Mono In 1’ at the left side strip, as it say’s ‘Audio 01’ to the right? It looks as though you have it panned to the center. Apparently the signal is coming in from your guitar since you’re hearing it, so my guess is that you’re not sending it to audio track #1 in Cubase. At this left panel strip on track 1, (where it say’s Mono In Stereo Out) if you click on it, I believe it should show you options to select…which should be a correspondence to what you have selected in your VST connections.

Of all the of times I had been trying to record a track and all I got was a ‘blank’ (no audio recorded) like you have here, it was almost always because I wasn’t actually assigning it correctly…that is, my VST Inputs (or VST connections) was not corresponding to what I had selected on my audio track in the Arrange Window (or Project Window).

I had a very similar issue. I was receiving audio, all looked OK, channel meters reading volume, etc. But during record, was just blank, no ‘recording audio ribbon’ shown, nothing playing back later. I had been doing all sorts of audio part editing. Triple re-checked VST Connections, I have 24 channels coming in. Anyway, I saved the project, shut down Cubase and restarted, reopened project.
When it came back up, it all worked.
I use ASIO4ALL driver, which works mostly, but can get messed up and cause weirdness, pops and clicking noise. Many times it selects what it thinks are default inputs and outputs on its own and on the fly during takes, I have to go turn them back off. Sometimes I have to press the ‘Resample~’ buttonif lots of noise crops up . That usually solves it for awhile. Win10/Cubase 9/MOTU 24Ai/Mackie Big Knob

I am dealing with the exact same issue!! Were you able to figure it out?

My guitar is playing through my interface and coming out of the speakers. The levels all move when I play, the inputs are set to my interface but when I hit record I get no audio waves or sound recorded, blank exactly like in your picture.

Hi I have just been having the same problem and found the solution through a previous post from Sync. On the inspector I had right -stereo in, but it wasn’t set to right - stereo out. When I clicked on stereo out there was an option for right - stereo out, and when chosen audio recorded fine.

Also works now when left -stereo in and stereo out - but thought it didn’t earlier!