Cubase recording issue

I just bought a new laptop and cubase 9 cause my old had some problems to start cubase 8 (i clicked on the icon but nothing happend. OS re installation helped for a while… nvm).
So cubase is starting now but i can’t record anything. I recorded 2 short films to show you how cubase reacts to my guitar and my sound card emu 0204-USB. But first, here are some screenshots of my settings:
and this is how cubase reacts:

other settings:
and how cubase reacts:

My system is Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 8GB RAM, i7 - 7700HQ and Nvidia gtx1050
My sound card: Emu 0204-USB (already a little bit old but i tested it in Audacity and i get atleast a signal and the sound is beeing recorded)

When i hit record nothing is being recorded (just a straight line) although the track is armed with the right mono input.

Im no professionalist… I’m just a musician and want from time to time record some music but i’m facing constantly difficulties with it … ;x

If you need more information, please tell me ! And thanks in advance for your help.