Cubase Recordings

Recorded in Cubase 4 studio on a imac. Any feedback appreciated. I’m hoping to put together a blues band, so I’m working out these songs. I am choosing Chicago and Texas blues songs I like to listen to. Feel free to download.


hi ocarus ,its a bit of a slow moving forum but has its spurts now and again a bit like a tortoise coming out for a lettuce leaf. nice stuff , i could jam to that all night ,well i do now and again at my local jam .good recording sounded very authentic . good job

Sure and I’m a noob here as well, but I do return input. I also like Cubase alot. It has it’s bugs, but overall very solid. And runs much better on a mac than a pc, but thats for another thread.

Hi and welcome! :smiley:

Yes, very authentic in its style and palette.

The first track seems lightweight in the bottom end,
with little energy or punch in there.

Things get a bit better with the next two tracks, but I think
the bass and drums need more sorting in these mixes.
Levels seems inconsistent.

Nice guitars and vocal.


Which is my problem. I’m using Rokit 8’s and ARC in a small room. I am not sure I’m getting the right reference. My ears aren’t shot, but I always feel too much bass and start cutting. I am more subtractive in my eq’ing. Probably read too many mixing tip books. I am going to burn these to disc and go play them in the Mustang. Those speakers aren’t flat. Thanks for the reply, I see you are a popular guy around here.

Is your room treated? I’ll bet it’s not smaller than mine! :wink:

Hmmmm…guys don’t usually say that to each other, do they? :laughing:

mine is only 7 feet X 7 feet just the right size to render me totaly deaf , i do have none reflective foam (sponge) however which only cost £100 to totaly cover the room , i also have 2 valve heads in there but only hooked up to a wedge monitor, benefits -in winter it stays nice and warm .

OK, you win. WAY smaller than mine. :smiley:

:blush: :laughing: :mrgreen:

yeah it’s small…until the wife walks in. Actually I am blessed to have my own space to track. I probably sounds weird when I’m singing to the tracks, as that’s the only thing she hears, take after take. I am going to get a drum kit trigger set soon, {rubbing hands together like mad scientist}

Nice playing and singing :slight_smile:
Not really my type of music but to me it sounds fine technically. (for what that’s worth)

Yeah, enjoyed these tracks :sunglasses:

Hi ocarus, some really good songs you got there, great guitar work…I like a bit of Blues! :smiley:

Agree with Jet regards the 1st song. I took you up on the download offer (thanks by the way! :wink: )
Looks like the song takes a bit of a nose dive from around 100hz…dont be afraid to leave some of that oomphy stuff below that in there! :slight_smile: Big Bottoms make the rock’in world go round! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :wink:

You mentioned ARC, silly question but I take it you mean IK’s ARC system, right?
If so, odd that your hearing too much bass :confused: ? I know when I 1st got the system, I had several goes at setting it up before I got it right. In the book it says something like moving the mic to atleast 12/14 positions (the more the better) In the end I think I moved the mic 36 times. (got a much better result)
My rooms a converted garage (7’W X 15’L x 7’H, a little on the small side) with some acoustic treatment.
Still would like a tighter bottom end ( :open_mouth: :laughing: ) but over all Arc made a big difference for me, you might just need a little bit more treatment in the room? :wink:

Apart from that, all 3 songs are :sunglasses: :smiley:


Hey yeah, that works for me!

I really like the guitar tone…blues all the way. The lead is tasteful. Sometimes it’s a tiny bit (and I mean tiny) out of tempo or pitch, but it’s obvious it will get tighter as you continue to play.

I do have a suggestion. The guitar is strong and it needs a little stronger rhythm section behind it. Maybe some little change ups with the bass and drums happening together. You probably listen to Warren Haynes, but if not, I suggest taking a listen to the bass and drum parts. I realize you are working hard on the guitar and songwriting and there’s only so much time in the day…just a suggestion.

I like good straight tasteful playing like that. Good stuff!


Thanks for every one that listened. I have not been getting updates emails on new posts, so sorry for not getting back. I added two new tunes. I going to look at the board for new music, cheers.

I like the guitar tone you’re getting too. What are you using? Nice job. So I’m not the only one left not getting notifications. I gave up, the forum guys never replied.

Yeah…nice recordings. :slight_smile: They seem to be well played, sung and mixed, though I agree about the bottom end issue already mentioned. I’m not a blues person myself, but I do like to have a listen now and then and can appreciate some nice guitar from time to time.



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Given up? You betcha. :unamused:

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