Cubase Refund

Howdy all,

I am wondering, at what point does Steinberg offer refunds for Cubase? Is it total system failure? I am in a situation where Version 8 is not working for me or with my system very well. I am being told that since the activation code was used, there is no refund possible.

All I need is for my 6.5 license to be reinstated while I give up the version 8. I can’t reliably use V8 professionally, so I have paid 200 euro to keep on using 6.5. Since Steinberg didn’t release a trial version for a long time; this would mean they created an odd loophole in their favour whereby no one who purchased V8 could ever get a refund, for whatever reason, as they would have had to have used the activation code for it to run.

Trial delays, eh? :laughing:


Your lack of patience and professional discipline is Steinberg’s responsibility how?

RobKellySound, you could be running Cubase 8 Pro on a Mac or PC with the specs of a calculator for all we know. You come into the forum and complain but don’t list your systems specs so we have know way of quantifying your situation. Effectively your having a whinge but how can anyone take it seriously. To anyone who takes the time to peruse this forum there are obviously plenty of people that are happy with Cubase Pro but you haven’t even stated your problem. In what universe you could ever consider this approach professional is beyond me. I always find if there are people making things work but I can’t make it work, I’m the problem.

Ahh my bad. I forgot to list the specs, whoops! I will update my sig with them!


Updated =)

ill be honest. when i first upgraded to cp8 i was a little dissappointed that my tascam hardware didnt work very well.
the 8.0.10 update addressed the issue perfectly and now im really happy with the product. it runs noticeably more efficient than the previous version and the new features are undeniably useful. i run it on an intel i5 with no issues.
if i had thought my current system wasnt up to running the new version i would simply have stayed with 7.5 and waited for a trial version to test before purchasing but i was reasonably sure 7.5-8 would not require huge leaps in cpu power.


Question is… what is the problem? maybe someone can help. your system specs seem ok, you should be able to run any daw. maybe switch on aero?

One thing that flashes warning signs is his Dell laptop. I bought a Dell Alienware 17 laptop for location recording and until I buy my own copy of Windows for it, instead of the bloat ware copy installed that came with purchase, there is no way it will run low latency audio without spikes. Found a dozen owners complaining about the same issues with Dell laptops. So my first question is has RobKellySound installed his own version of a Windows without all the bloat ware before installing Cubase 8 Pro? Did he do a DPC Latency Check on the laptop and what were the results? Has the BIOS been updated? Are there any USB conflicts? These are some of the usual suspects. If you want to be in this game you have to be computer literate but quite often it is hard to ascertain just how much the user knows.

Wow…Cb 8 runs amazingly on my pc. So good that I have an installation of protools I never even use…

Just wondering… can’t you install CB 6.5 in parallel and wait untill the software is patched up to 6.5 level to you? I have CP8 and CB7.5 installed, as I had some issues getting CP8 reinstalled after an OS crash (and to get Automap working on CP8)…

You should be able to find the DL link to 6.5 (support > Downloads) and SB has confirmed that you should be able to run older versions on your license too…

Hope this helps.

i tried getting a refund for c8. as far as i gathered from asknet’s response (steinberg’s online reseller), as soon as you used your lincense code it’s not possible.

Your spec implies you have some sort of variable cpu speed enabled. This can play havoc with asio guard. Try changing your bios settings to run at a set speed and as another poster has pointed out - get rid of all bloatware.