Cubase release schedule

Roughly when will Cubase 13 be released? Not looking for an exact day, obviously. There were 2.5 years in between 11 and 12, whereas normally there is only 1. Are they going to be releasing a version only every 2.5 years now? Or was 12 just delayed because of covid?

There were just under 16 months between the release of Cubase 11 (mid November 2020) and Cubase 12 (beginning of April 2022). The delay was because of the transition to Steinberg Licensing - the new licensing system wasn’t available back in November and the decision was made, sensibly in my opinion, to use it first for a Dorico release, as Dorico has far fewer users than Cubase.

It is unclear what release pattern Steinberg will adopt in the future, though I would expect roughly annual releases. It might be that these now happen every April rather than every November - we will see!

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What’s the matter? Cubase 12 is out for a few months and now the first folks are querying when 13 will be released? Calm down… :face_with_monocle:


They are not going to say. You have to wait and see. A lot were caught out thinking 11.5 would be released in November last year.

In the past there was a quite steady release cycle of a major zero release and .5 release alternating every other year (so a new .0 roughly every 2 years). With 12 this was changed largely due to the change of the licensing system, so that is a different situation.

Maybe the previous general release cycle will be resumed, or they adjusted it for reasons - we do not know. This will not be made public beforehand I suppose - everything else is speculation.

I’d prefer longer release schedules, as long they work as they should.

And in between of them smaller “maintenance” updates with new fixes and features, released step by step. So instead of paying 50-100€ for every new big release, we would pay less for more frequent smaller releases and every 2-3 years there comes a major release (Somehow like Windows is dealing with their updates).

This way we avoid rather “big” issues, because there are not a lot updates realeased at once anymore.
It would be easier to see, which updates improved or even worsened the overall performance etc.

I think it is likely to stay on one pay update each year.

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Quite awhile ago Steinberg posted a progress bar showing the state of development for the next version of Cubase. It did not show dates, just the stage of development- alpha, beta, release candidate, etc. It was helpful and it didn’t give away any company secrets. It must not have worked for Steinberg because they only did that once, but I thought it was a clever idea to help satisfy our curiosity.

Yeah , where is 13? Tired of old glitchy 12 :joy:


I just got my CB12 grace period upgrade from 11 working last month (May) with the considerable help of Steinberg support. I think there are still a lot of issues to be resolved with the change of licensing system for some users. Calm down please! Lets get the foundations right before rushing hastily to the future.