Cubase Remote control ?!

Hello im looking for an app to use my cubase 9 pro remotely record " it could be better to edit some midi tracks on the go"

My piano is away from my unit in the same room

Any app to control my macbook or cubase!

So what do you suggest me guys ?



These work on a wireless network so can’t do anything “on the go” if you mean away from your computer. They don’t have midi editing anyhow.


Im using ios “ipad”

Cubase ic pro NOT available in the united state store :confused:

And i cant change my region because I’ve balance in my account I’ve to spend it first :confused:

i think i read somewhere steinberg has removed the ios apps temporarily because of a wifi bug in the lates macos update, causing the remote to not be able to connect to the remote. They were working on a fix.



Waiting apple to fix something means until i have grandsons :confused:

I’ll try team viewer app

… or go completely old skool with a $10 USB numeric keypad?

Seriously … control via the numeric keypad has been a stock feature of Cubase since the Atari days, and if you’re on Windows and you want wireless then get the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop, which is what I’ve been using since it became clear that the Android version of iCPro had become abandonware.

Lemur app is a great possibility. You can use artsUnmuted “qbedit” with it
It`s a complex iPad Controller for Cubase and it works very well.


That’s an interesting thought. What do you use for visual feedback?

Thank you guys for suggesting

All i need is a mirror screen to see the session and click record while im on my piano

Any way i find google chrome desktop app … its kinda do what i need in a limited way :confused:

Waiting for cubase ic come back again

Maybe someone from Steinberg should give the Logic boys in Hamburg a call and ask them why their (and I might point out: FREE) Logic Remote controller is working with the iOS release 10.3.2?

It is painfully obvious that Steinberg really doesn’t care all that much about this app, otherwise they would have figured out what Apple did by now and re-coded the thing to work. Waiting on Apple to fix something that broke the app is going to be the mantra Steinberg will keep spinning until they abandon it altogether…just like the Android version…and so many other things they just gave up on.

I bought this thing for one reason (probably the reason most users bought it): remote transport control. Time to get out my extra long USB cable for the keyboard.


Hello waesel … have a look at that app its name is duet cabled screen sharing

have a look at that app its name is duet cabled screen sharing

Duet is an interesting app if you need to mirror your Mac onto the iPad. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do this though WiFi or Bluetooth and requires that you tether your iPad to the Mac with a Lightning/USB cable.

However, the major problem trying to replace IC Pro with it is that the iPad’s mirrored display is so incredibly small, that trying to activate any of Cubase’s various controls is an exercise in frustration. The GUI is so teeny and fidgety that it’s simply not worth the effort.

Also, an unfortunate side effect of loading Duet is that it changes a bunch of your Accessibility preferences without asking.

I’ll just use a long cheap USB cable and my keyboard…which has human-sized keys I can actually see. And it won’t cost me $10.

totally agree with you … hopefully with the latest update by apple will fix the problem

hopefully with the latest update by apple will fix the problem

It doesn’t.

I love Cubase But,
I just learned that “Reaper” has a free web based “remote Control” in their new version…Hummm