Cubase reports Groove Agent Common Content Error

This follows activating a 2nd license on my laptop. My desktop has licenses for a few more components (GA 5, expansions) than the laptop.

I have used the Steinberg Library Manager to “Remove” the expansions and those no longer show up in the warning message. But where do I go/what to do to remove GA’s “Common Content”?

Open the Steinberg Library Manager, go to the Groove Agent tab, and click the Details button for Groove Agent and/or Groove Agent SE. That will display where your libraries are located.

Yes, of course. I used “REMOVE” to remove the expansions that I had no licensing for (on the laptop), but I can’t figure out what to remove to resolve the “Common Content” issue. There’s nothing listed as “Common Content”. Or I’m (probably) missing the obvious.

Not sure either, but I’m guessing everything under the Factory Content is the Common Content. But do you have Groove Agent or just Groove Agent SE? The issue could be if you installed Groove Agent on laptop but don’t have a license for it and should only have installed GASE. In which case you should uninstall Groove Agent entirely and just have GASE installed there.

That’s what I thought and had tried to move those libraries away. That gave me a different error with GA SE that there were libraries missing. My conclusion is “Common Content <> Factory Content”.

I tried that too… I uninstalled GA leaving on GASE. Still same message about Common Content.

Groove Agent Common Content/Factory BeatAgent Presets (FCP_SMT_138_Groove_Agent.vstsound) is the Beat Agent library that was first included with Groove Agent 4. It’s not compatible with Groove Agent SE.

Groove Agent SE Common Content/Factory 01 (FCP_SMT_137_Groove_Agent_SE.vstsound) is the one that you should be able to load. You can try removing this library, then redownloading it through the Cubase 12 entry in the Steinberg Download Manager.