Cubase Request Keyeditor

Hi all,
two weeks ago I purchased Cubase 6, I tried a lot of others sequencers, but finaly I decided to go with cubase.
Anyhow, I have some wishes for the Keyeditor window, take a look to my modified UI, what do you think?
Since I like to work a lot with the keyeditor for “classical” composing ( with VSL librarys), arrangements e.g…I like much cubase’s cool Expression Map tool, so I’m a bit dissapointed that there is no more extensive ( more precise)
presentation, e.g. the distance between notes ( b-c and e-f) is too large, musical-( theory) not correct. C major scale looks regular, D major not !! thats :frowning: . There is no flat notes labeling, only sharps. No keys…take a look to the .png
and you will see some other requests like syncronisation between score and keyeditor for better editing.

O.k. It’s my idea…thanks for your feedback!

Yes, I would like accidentals in the key editor to be governed by the key track.