Cubase Resale Wizard Help ASAP!

Hi, so I did the cubase resale wizard for cubase 8. I received it as an upgrade from 7.5 and now I want to sell it. I followed the instructions and deleted my activation. Now I’m confused on how to sell it. I can’t remember what my activation code is and I really want to sell it. Please help me!

If you de-registered the license on the dongle then the new owner registers online and the license gets re-activated and attached to their account.

Ok and how can we get paid for it?

I think you’re misunderstanding what the resale wizard is for…it only prepares your Cubase license to enable YOU to sell it by whatever means you want…Ebay or whatever.

Oh ok! So if I wanted to sell it on ebay, I would just need to send them just the dongle or do I send the activation code aswell?