cubase resets audio inputs on config change


i first posted this to the general forum, but it appears this must be a bug. the original post is here :

synopsis - whenever cubase is loaded, or whenever a change is made to either user preferences or to buss routes, cubase resets the audio device’s inputs. all levels are set to minimum and pans are all set hard left.

*** NOTE *** if this is not a bug [i.e., if cubase is designed to do this], then this is certainly a design flaw. this has to be one of the single most annoying things i have encountered in 6 years of working with software audio platforms. just because cubase is going to use the audio interface doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY thing that has to use it !

to reproduce -
1- configure a multi-in/out interface to use all available i/o. mine has 10 ins and 10 outs.
2- configure the inputs and outputs in cubase.
3- observe your audio interface’s asio control window. you’ll see that cubase resets all configured inputs.

suggested behaviour -
leave the interface alone.

platform info

  • pc with pentium i7 cpu, gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h mobo, 24gb ram, 2 hard disks, standard onboard graphics
  • edirol ua-1000 audio interface
  • windows 7 enterprise x64 sp1
  • cubase 8 elements trial

    please let me know if you’d like additional information and i’ll be happy to get you what you need asap. as things stand now, i won’t buy this product, but would give it serious consideration if this bug is fixed.

here is more info on this problem.

as it turns out, cubase resets the audio interface’s inputs any time it loses focus. i have a dual-screen setup, and had cubase on my left monitor and my audio interface’s asio control panel on the right. i set my control panel inputs back the way they should be and left it open on the right monitor, then went back to cubase, made some changes, then clicked on an icon on my desktop on the right. when i did so, the control panel inputs were zeroed again.

i thought at first this might have something to do with how i’d set up monitoring or interface sharing in cubase. however, direct monitoring is enabled [pull-down menu set to ‘manual’] and the box controlling whether cubase will allow other applications to use the interface is checked. this doesn’t seem to make any difference, however, as whether it is checked or unchecked, the problem persists.