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I have Cubase on PC and I’m wondering if I got Pro Tools, would I be able to use Rewire to send audio to it from Cubase? All the discussions I see online seem to talk about Rewire with Reason, not Pro Tools. But I’ve heard that Pro Tools does support Rewire, so wondering if I can have Pro Tools be the Rewire ‘master’ and send all my audio through it (via subgroups)?

Any help is much appreciated!

Btw, the reason for this question is I’m looking to have a setup that makes it easy for me to work with Cubase for composing/midi, but bring the final project for mixing to a large local studio that has Pro Tools only. So I’m thinking in my setup I would have all my Cubase tracks feed Pro Tools, which would be where I’d mix and put effects. Then when I’m ready to bring it to the big studio, I simply hit record in Pro Tools and save all tracks as audio, put the PT session on a portable HD and I’m off and running.

Any advice/suggestions on this approach would also be nice, maybe someone’s been down this road and can help me avoid a lot of pain (i.e. wasted hours)!



Not possible.

Cubase runs only as a ReWire master, not as a slave.

That’s a bummer. I was trying to avoid a hardware solution. Is there any kind of virtual sound card to route audio around within windows?

google: “virtual audio cable”

I am not sure how or if anything will be able to work since Cubase hijacks the asio audio driver.

Why not simply export all the tracks from Cubase into Pro Tools as audio files? If you batch export the project from beginning to end, you will not have any syncing issues if that’s what you’re afraid of. Then you can mix and save the session as a Pro Tools project file that you can take into the big studio. Doing this through Rewire (assuming you could do it that way) would be an unnecessary complication, IMO.


Thanks HTH, but the idea was that if I used PT to ‘monitor’ the output, and if I applied effects on the PT side only (aside from the occasional vst-only effect that I would simpily ‘print’ to another track), I’d be WAY ahead of the game when it came time to mix, it would be very close to the way I want it to sound even before we start in at the studio. If I simply spit out stems from cubase I’d be starting from scratch in the mix studio. So, it wouldn’t be perfect, for instance if I have an effect that the studio doesn’t (or vice versa), but i’d end up saving so much time overall.

I know I could achieve this using hardware, but it would be expensive, and wouldn’t give me nearly as many tracks as a virtual routing solution like rewire.

Since I made this post I was looking at Dante, does anyone know if this would work with Cubase and PT?


The thing is, you won’t be saving any time with the method you describe because you still have to render the files from Cubase into Pro Tools in real-time. Plus, you could potentially have sync’ing issues between the two DAWs as well. That’s why I believe your best bet is to simply render the files from Cubase, import into Pro Tools and render anything that may not be compatible with the other studio inside of Pro Tools.

Does Pro Tools enable you to render several tracks at once and bring them back into your project like Cubase does? If not, then I could see why you would want to do it the way you describe. If you must do it your way, then Dante sounds like it could solve your predicament. I’ve never used it, so I can’t vouch for it. Another option would be Vienna Ensemble Pro, though it is a bit pricey.

BTW, ‘HTH’ stands for ‘Hope That Helps’ :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

I’d like to do this. I’m thinking to do sound design with pro tools and music inside of cubase, and if the two were linked together I could switch between the two seamlessly. I don’t care which one is master and which is slave, because i would export/bounce for final delivery anyway. Is it possible to link the two via rewire?

I am using both Pro tools and Cubase.

I can confirm that it is possible to do a batch export of song length synced stems in Cubase and then import those into individual stereo tracks in Pro tools. You can then proceed to work with those stems in any way you desire with plugins, effects etc… After you have finished doing what you wish then you can either render that entire song again in protools therefore creating identical song length stems for every part, or; you could save the entire session as a new session and then pop along to your big studio with those files.

IMHO-This would be your best option.

The gentlemen that stated a rewire would be a pointless and altogether unrequired headache I believe is completely correct in his assertion.

Good luck

Basil Simon