cubase rewire problems windows 8

I have tried every thing, and I mean every thing! I cant for the life of me rewire Cubase to use reason. I have Cubase 4 and reason 3.4. both programs work well by themselves, tried replacing dlls, installing, reinstalling, updating,when I open Cubase, press the devices, click the rewire, click the first two mix left right at the top as normal, its fine. Then I go to open reason and guess what? Cubase says it has to close! Reason then informs me to reinstall engine. I have both programs working on a xp pc and for a while it also worked on windows 8. is there anything I can transfer from the xp pc from the programs to the windows 8 pc, like dlls rex files blah blah blah, and does anyone know what the hell I am going about ?

Cubase 4 is EOL as is Windows XP
“End Of Life” meaning no support is given for products that old from Steinberg or Microsoft.
And this forum is for Cubase 8 and above.

It is true there is no longer any support for older versions of cubase and reason. They are still 32bit programs which means they should run on windows 8. I tried a demo of reasons with cubase in windows 8 and it worked and also triggered devices to show reason 3 in rewire.when you start cubase and choose reason 3 instead of the demo, . stops. So the programs are just missing a link which is what I asked in the first place.

Yes. But you are in the wrong forum for your question regarding Cubase 4.
This is the Cubase 8 forum

I just want to thank you for taking the time for directing me to the right place, I am new to forums. Thanks again.

I solved the problem of rewire doesn’t work in reason with cubase 4. Not sure where to post it though. Simply download ’ installer pack for rewire and rex for vista’ install it and it places the rewire in ‘devices’ in cubase 4. I am using windows 10 so was surprised when it worked. Hope this helps anyone using reason 3 with cubase 4. If there was a way I could redirect this post for people using older versions of cubase and reason I would.