Cubase ritardando - audio not following

I’m having trouble with audio not following a ritardando (slowing down in tempo) and hopefully someone can help. Midi is following fine, its just the audio that is not. I have the audio tracks set to “musical time base” and their algorithms are “elastique Pro - Time” but they are not following the tempo change. The tempo change is a ramp if that matters.

I’m probably missing something simple, as I dont usually make tempo changes after I’ve recorded audio. What am I doing wrong?


Select the Audio event, and switch On the Musical Mode in the Info Line of the Project window, please.

oh I see what you mean - there is a “musical mode” for the actual region as well.THANKS!

Actually that´s the only “musical mode” - track timebase is something different from musical mode.


Musical time base (on the track) is that the event startof the event will follow the tempo (the event start is linked with the Bars&Beats position; in the Linear time Base, the start of the event is linked with the Timecode).

You can find the Musical Mode (of the event; or of the sample) in the Info View of the project window, once you select the event, or in the Pool (there is a “Mus” column, which is Musical Mode, with a check marks").