Cubase Routing Flexibility

What do you all think about C13 routing flexibility?
I think it would be nice to have a special page that shows all the routings and tracks in some hierachical - graphical way to have good overview. And of course edit mode where you can drag and drop all the tracks to different positions.
Also why we can’t for example duplicate master bus to simply get additional premaster fader? Now is really anoying and complicated to add some sub group…

i like your idea with the graphic overview of your project, that would be nice indeed.
i´m more than happy with Cubases routing flexibility, it does offer more than i need.

i do use group tracks for this, i have this setup already in my template so i dont even need to think about it

All my instrument group busses including FX tracks will be sent to a stereo group channel that is called “MIXBUS”, this Mixbus includes all my mixbus plugins, then this MIXBUS is feeding another Group Channel called “MASTER”, which does including all the Mastering stuff. and this MASTER channel is sending its signal to Stereo Out which has bascially no use, doesnt include any plugins.
but this leaves me with the option to be able to render a mastered and an unmastered version of the track at the same time, in case somebody else will do the mastering.

if you just want another fader to control the volume, also you could utilise an VCA Fader, perhaps that would be suitable for your usecase, i dont know…

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Intuitively my body says “probably not going to work”. When I use my brain what pops up is that routing can get pretty complex if you want to describe it graphically. Just consider having one audio track with sends to effect tracks and to side chains in addition to maybe two outputs using direct outs. And then the FX track has its own destinations etc. It can get pretty complex pretty quickly.

I would recommend that you sit down with just paper and pencil and start drawing it to see what makes sense and then present it here as a feature request.

Because when you literally “duplicate” something you get a copy of the same thing. The signal flow you describe means that’s not what you want, so “duplicate” can’t be the answer.

Exoslime is right though that you can simply create another ‘step’ before the master output bus and put that in your template. I guess the only drawback is making sure your source tracks go there instead of the master out.

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thats true, but easy to locate (speaking from experience, lol)
you just mute the “MIXBUS” channel (or Masterbus) then you can browse through your project and easily see the tracks that have the yellow mute button not engaged, so those were still routed to the default “Stereo Out”

also the Q-LINK Feature is nice, if you want to mass change the output configuration of multiple channels, you select all the channels you want to change, hit the Q-LINK Button, now on one of them you change the output from “STEREO OUT” to “MIXBUS” and it changes for all of them with just one action :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you for Q-LINK , I will look how it works.

I thougt to duplicate master and after that
re-route original master to copy of master.
This way all channels that was routed originally to master bacame prefader group for example…
This way would be really simple to create additional SUBS at the end of the rig…
When Im creative and work with VSTI new song, nobody likes to think about routing and those tehnical things. But at the end of process it is to complicated to reroute all the tracks. That is my idea. To make things simple and I think it is possible to do. But thats on Steinberg.
I understand that one is to develope DAW, and second is to work with it. But I think they should listen more their users cause they dont have time to work with Cubase when they develope it…

you are very welcome

i just draw an basic overview how my projects are setup, perhaps you can get some inspiration out of it :slight_smile:

everytime i start a new project, i start with this template, so most of the work is already done, when i load a new instrument vsti, i just set its output to whatever group it needs to go to (like synth, or maybe orchestra if its like a cello or violin type of sound) , when i record guitar or bass, all the tracks are already there that i need, all the input channels already linked, i just need to grab my instrument, make sure its in tune, hit the record button and lets go., same goes for vocals and the drum group already has Superior Drummer 3 loaded with my custom Kit and all outputs routed, the midi track already properly mapped with the correct drum map, ready to work with.

and it is very easy and swift to get more group channels in there, if needed.

the key is, you invest once an afternoon to create your template and save it as a template and then everytime start from it…it saves you so much time and hassle, i´m too lazy that i want to redo the same steps over and over again, i find this very demotivating, i want to start working with the least amount of hinder.
i´m also very picky with color coding, so the template covers that too :wink:

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