Cubase Ruler - Time Divisions - 4/4 vs 12/8

I am currently writing a metal track with the tempo set to 150 in 4/4, as I find it easier to visualise the tempo as such but with triplet divisions as 12/8. It’s so much easier in the editor for MIDI for example to be able to switch between 16th triplets and 1/4 notes.

I have previously had issues with Cubase’s division of 12/8 visually which is why I opted not to use it. I still count the division in 1/4 as my focus and divide each of these beats into 3 8th notes.

All I’m looking for is for the ruler to display the ruler with the 12 1/8th note divisions if possible, regardless of it being in 4/4 technically.

Essentially I’d need:

X _ _ - _ _ - _ _ - _ _

As opposed to what changing the tempo and messing with my understanding of my project’s event placement does.

Cubase seems quite intent on the 3/4 interpretation:

X _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ _

Going through the various forums I find myself faced and unsatisfied by the technical reasons such as altering tempo to 225 as I think Cubase interprets this, or the many explanations as to why this is so in a developmental or scoring setting. I’d just like the ruler to 12 8th note divisions.

I can set the metronome click accordingly to 12 divisions with the click pattern , that’s fine, but in the project window, the ruler stays at 4/4, just making it so much harder to visualise when I’m referring to that as opposed to the grid.

Is anybody able to assist?

Pleasing and thanking you.

Have a look here Tommy.

You will make a 12 beat custom click pattern, and then use it for grid line emphasis.