Cubase running even better on Windows 8.1... or am I wrong?

It may be me, but it feels like Cubase (7.5.20, 64 bits) is much, much better running on Windows 8.1 Professional than on Windows 7 Ultimate (both 64 bits, of course).

The whole system is much better. Of course this tiles stuff is annoying (everytime I press the “Windows” key I get this confusing, annoying screen which shows only pointless, stupid stuff I don’t want, but I’m used to starting programs by typing their initials anyway), but the system itself is performing very well.

How are your experiences?

Loving Cubase on W8.1, running really smooth…loving Metro, too. You can configure the icons on Metro as you wish…delete, add, change, etc. Being able to type the program name as it searches, is a plus…

Yes, but I felt that I had more control over what my PC was doing with Windows 7.

hey there, running C7.5 on Win8.1 64bit without any problems, had 1 crash in several months! so very stable, and sometimes I make very demanding tunes.

So for me, absolutely stable and I don’t have anything against Metro tiles.

Cubase runs smoothly on 8.1/64, but sometimes loses focus:

Just a heads up for people that want it:

Perfect replacement for the old Start-button. All my PC’s, laptops en servers are using that piece of software and it works amazingly well :slight_smile:

Metro is your DAW’s friend ! On a DAW, use Metro apps whenever possible instead of their desktop versions. In general these apps will halt when swapping to your desktop DAW and not affect performance. Unlike the installation of desktop programs that seem to suck the life out of windows over time.

Just my experience !

I don’t agree. Metro Apps are memory resident. That means that they are still existing in the memory of Windows and use that memory. So you can’t use that for Cubase at that moment.

You never know when Windows decides to release that memory again. So… no thanks :slight_smile:

I am reassured by what you are saying because I use Widows 7 and am contemplating a future purchase of a new music computer. However, I do hate the clunkiness of Windows 8 which I use on my laptop. It does seem to be much less intuitive used without a touch screen. I am not sure that I understand Microsoft’s development rationale. What worries me is that it won’t include people who want to use powerful desktops to make music.

Windows 8.1 are better on any kind of multimedia performance VS Windows 7.

If you drag your Metro app down it will just close and stay ready in memory a lot like an OSX program when you close it. if you hold it down it will spin and close fully not staying in Memory… your choice.