Cubase runs better after use. Windows.


I had a problem with my more complex Pro 8.0.35 projects crashing upon loading.

I tried all the typical recommended fixes and nothing was working, so I ran the program from

URL is here:

I did the full pre-check and then ran the program and it did good things. Cubase opens faster and all the projects that were crashing are now loading and playing back perfectly.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has used this utility and what you think about it. In terms of Computer Set-ups for my Windows 7-Pro 64-bit system, this was a life saver.

I wonder how often it is that someone has a malfunctioning system, but attributes the issues they are having to Cubase?

Take care and thanks for any feedback about this utility.

I have never heard of that happening. :wink:

This program likely automates many of the maintenance tasks OSes require. Sounds convenient.

Nevah! :laughing:

This program likely automates many of the maintenance tasks OSes require. Sounds convenient.

Yes, exactly. The utility does more than 40 system checks and resets things. I honestly don’t understand all of what it does – but, fingers crossed, all the Project files that were crashing the program upon opening are now, again, up and running. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the development team should look at this since it, or something similar, might help many other users who are having system errors, leading to errors in Cubase, and rather than solving an underlying system (DAW) issue, fiddle around trying to “fix” a Cubase “bug.”

Any other system utility tips or system utility maintenance or performance checking program recommendations welcome. Thanks, take care.

I think it’s never going to be possible to determine exactly what the cause of every single issue is/was, given the huge number of variables especially on Windows systems, and the wide variety of hardware combinations. That’s something that applies to all software, not just Cubase. It would be nice to insist on reinstalling both OS and Cubase before investigating, but nobody wants to have to do that.

In critical environments such as hospitals, industrial automation etc., absolutely nothing gets changed without thorough testing on seperate identical test systems, whereas many of us tend regularly to install/uninstall plugins, trial software and whatever else we find on the cover of a magazine, and of course that affects stability. Another common complaint appears to be associated with gamer BIOS and graphics card tweaks, and many mainboard manufacturers’ tweak utilities, as many find it unreasonable to make a massive investment in hardware and then only use it for Cubase. For Cubase I would recommend no overclocking (even forgetting the “K” CPUs and save money) and install nothing except Windows and then check device manager for missing drivers and install them manually – so the bare minimum, in other words.

I built a custom PC around 2007 with what were then cutting-edge components with the intention of running only Cubase 5, but it was a nightmare. On the same machine, without any change to the hardware whatsoever, Cubase 6 ran flawlessly, and even Cubase 7 (and I’m sure Cubase 8, had I kept it that long!), so Steinberg are not blameless either.

These days, other than regular image backups of the OS drive (I use Terabyte Unlimited’s Image for DOS) I just use CCleaner every few months. Overall I find Windows 10 very good and stable, with no issues (at least, none that affect my workflow) on Cubase pro 8.5.15 currently.