Cubase 'safe mode' on open. Terminated Unexpectedly

I’ve searched forum but struggling to find info on this. Maybe missing an obvious key word. Any pointers.
Cubase appears to close with no errors at the end of a session. Although if I choose ‘close’ the project, if no other projects are open then it closes all of Cubase as well, but NO ERROR messages.
“Quit” also closes project and Cubase with no errors.
But every time I OPEN Cubase I get the “safe mode” prompt.
Choosing “use current preferences” seems to continue to load and all works fine. But this prompt continues every time I restart.
No matter which options I choose and reset.
I’ve even ran cubase.exe in admin mode and this changes nothing. Any thoughts.
The only plugins in use are those that come with Cubase 10.5pro. No extras installed.
W10, 10.5pro


That means, Cubase didn’t quit properly last time. Probably a “silent crash”. Do you have any *.dmp file available?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Mine is doing the same thing. No dmp file created this time


If you get this message, the DMP file has to be created and mentioned in the message. Could you attach a screenshot of the message, please?

Hi, I have this same issue, what’s the DMP file? And I’ve been getting this prompt every time I launch for months.

Me too - it’s a relief to find this thread as I thought it was just my luck to have an unusual glitch with my Cubase install. No DMP file created for me either.

I had this problem for the longest time, and I was able to track it down to one of my Waves plugins. Scheps Onmi Channel v9 (took me several days). I upgraded the plugin and now I have no problems.