Cubase sampler - assign 5 different samples to same keyboard

Hi, on the old hardware samplers I used to use I am sure it was possible to assign a sample to a specified key range, and then assign a different sample to a different key range on the same keyboard / key editor. Can do this in cubase 10 or do I need different tracks for each sample? If I need alternative software please let me know which. The sampler is working great but seems relatively simplistic. Thanks!

Groove Agent (SE) can do that. There’s a key range option in the pitch section of each pad. Plus there’s different options when you drag samples to the pads.

It’s not got the same feel as the sampler track though - which is more like the old Akai/Emu style - and I find the interface a lot cleaner to work with.

Personally, I prefer to layer a few sampler tracks, put them in a folder and record enable all at once.

Or if you really want that old school feel and sound I really love TAL Sampler. (TAL Software)

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hi Skijumptoes, thanks for your message, really helpful. I’ve added some cymbals to different octaves on C and pitched up and down either side - working great! There seems to be a tiny button for “Save Preset”, but its greyed out. Any ideas why?

Which tiny button is that then? I can’t think where that is.

Personally, I save presets using the standard dialog here:

But if you want to save a preset with the samples in their own folder for use on other machines there’s also additional options if you right click on the Beat Agent image:

It really depends how you manage your sample locations really, but it’s worth being aware that a preset save on it’s own doesn’t save the samples, but saves the links to them.

Another one in that vein: