Cubase says "no hardware or already in use!" when trying to connect my M-audio interface

I am having trouble with cubase using my interface. It give me the choise so I know it sees my interface. just wont connect… Its says no hardware or already in use!, which is not true…

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Do you have the latest driver installed, please?

yes, I have; still it says can’t find hardware, even though it gives me the choice to pick it…

yes I have installed it… should I be installing cubase 8.5, instead of 8?

I had massive issues with M-Audio 192|4 in Digital Performer. It was unusable there, with a similar error, and I actually had to buy a new interface to use with DP.

M-Audio has a history of driver issues with their audio interfaces.

I will never buy another. They also have practically no support.


It depends on your license. Cubase 8.5 is different license in comparison to Cubase 8.


Unfortunately I have the same experience.