Cubase scanning all plug-ins again?

From time to time Cubase automaticcaly scans every single plug-in again when you start Cubase (splash screen), which obviously takes a lot of time, since I have a pretty large collection of vst instruments and effects.
I read that this might have to with DST (automatic day and time settings), but we’re november 18th, so no time shift or anything similar.
Anyone else encountering this and better: how to solve this?

You can rescan all plugins in the Studio VSTPlugins window.

Thanks for your reply, but what I meant was that Cubase scans every single plug-in again at start-up. Personally I think that’s totally unneccesary, so I would like to avoid that. When I’ve installed a new piece of software, Cubase will find it anyway, be it at first start, or with a manual rescan, but what I meant is taking a huge amount of time and is not needed IMO.

Seems that the developers and programmers think it is needed and necessary though.

On my system it does not even take 3 seconds? Aren’t you running your OS on a SSD?

The scan you are seeing is not the same as the notorious time change scans which took much longer. Those went away several versions ago.