Cubase, Score editor and (curved?) display monitor

Anyone have experience on this?

27 “, 32”, 49 "!!!
Big one, or more than one?
Flat or curved?

Yes, Cubase and Score editor (plug-in, VSTi, mixer… )

Hi Danix… size doesn’t matter in this case… you need resolution so 4K you mean or multiple monitors. I’d go for multiple monitors…


I run Cubase on dual monitor setup. 1440p main and 1080p on the left and it works great as long as the workflow goes.
There is one issue though… Be careful and make sure that with multiple monitor setups you have all monitors running at the same refresh rate. My main monitor runs at 165Hz and my secondary at 60Hz and I had massive lag issues because of that. I had to go back to one of the older graphic drivers to fix it.

For me, two monitors (here 27") are clearly an advantage: the score editor runs on the first, the key editor on the second. Both editors complement each other very advantageously. Many changes are difficult to make in the Score Editor, but easy to do in the Key Editor.

Thanks everyone for the answers!
I too am used with two monitors.
I am thinking of opting for two 27" monitors (instead of a curved 49" one) and a smaller one in vertically, which I already own, for the score editor, in the center!

Here is what I was looking for! :grin:

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