Cubase Score Editor Hotkeys

Does the Cubase Score Editor have any hotkeys for choosing note duration? With any step-input, I would expect to use the numpad to choose a note duration value, and then press the note on my midi keyboard. Likewise, shortcuts to add sharps/flats, ties, and dotted values seems useful. Does this exist in any form in Cubase?


Key Commands > Set Insert Length folder.

Then make sure, Length Quantize is not set to the Quantize Link, in the Score Editor.


I am trying to set the command line for notes. However, when I press say Num1 to set duration to whole tone, it says

“Num 1” is already used as key command by transport > Go to Left locator". DO you want to reassign this existing key command?"

How can I get cubase to respond differently when it is inside Score editor?

Thank you.

You can’t. A Key Command assignment is global. Your options are:

  1. Reassign the the key to a new command and loose the old assignment.
  2. Use a modifier like ctrl or alt+shift etc. in conjunction with the key to assign it to the command (however these might also already be in use).
  3. Find a currently unassigned key and assign the command to that.

Thank you.

Not very convenient. I guess I am going to stick with Finale for Typesetting.