Cubase Score vs Dorico Elements

I own Cubase Pro 10, I use the Cubase Score Editor but I find it quite slow to get good results, so I am considering Dorico Elements. What benefits will I get in Dorico Elements (not Pro) vs Cubase Score? What is available in Cubase Score that’s not available in Dorico Elements? For example, is polyphonic scoring also available in Dorico Elements, or it’s a Dorico Pro only feature? I can’t find this info in the Dorico Pro vs Elements comparison table on the Steinberg Web Site.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Geppastro, can you explain what you mean by polyphonic scoring? Do you mean multiple voices (upstem and downstem) on one staff? That is certainly quite possible in Dorico Elements.

Yes you are correct, that’s what I meant: thanks for the info. And what about other possible shortcomings in Dorico Elements vs Cubase Score?

Other users would have to weigh in on that, as I’m not acquainted with Cubase Score. Sorry! If you have specific questions about Elements, I can answer those.

Hi geppastro.
Dorico and cubase working differently.
If you want zone information (in italiano!!) I’m here

Thank you Italyuser I don’t need further help at the moment: I think I’ll download the trial version and check by myself. Grazie mille comunque per la gentile disponibilità!