Cubase Score VST v4 or v5 needed!


I have some old compositions that I did while at Music School that date back to 1999/2000. They were all saved from Cubase Score VST v4 on the Mac. But then I upgraded to Cubase SX, didnt update the files, and now I have no access to either programmes at all. I Tried looking in download sites, but there just is nothing of any help at all, for mac or PC.

Is there anyone that can help in anyway at all?

What would be adequate would be if someone could take the original sng files and simply get the scores output as PDFs for me ( i can then scan in to Sibelius).

Oh I curse younger me for not paying attention to these issues 16 years ago!

Kind regards
Peter Nicholls

Hey Peter,
I have the same issue. I have files from 1999. And my Mac has designated them Unix Exe. I have had no luck finding anyone who can help. Please ping me if you do.

Have you tried contacting Steinberg to see if they can help?

Are Mac Cubase files readable on Windows? I have Windows Cubase Score VST 5. Trevor